Jantelle. Jada Chantelle Baron is my full name so I’m sure you’d be able to piece together where the inspiration for the blog name came from. I went back and forth between many different name ideas however I really wanted to go with a name that is authentic and well and truly, me. I want you to do the same, to unapologetically be yourself – nothing more, nothing less and I hope you feel inclined to do so through being on my blog as that is the biggest thing I hope you take away from all that I put out. Self-love, appreciation and growth are all factors that I hold very close to my heart and so I created this blog in order to share with you what I feel have promoted those factors massively from personal experience, fashion and beauty.

I strive to create pieces that are pleasant to read and serve as an addition to your day, growth or knowledge in some way whether that is in terms of your style, skincare or anything in between. I am currently completing a Level 3 University of Arts diploma in Fashion at college therefore I am still very much exploring and discovering all that fashion and beauty has to offer and so creating Jantelle is the perfect opportunity to document and share my perspectives which ideally you will find interesting and helpful for yourselves as well as possibly a source of inspiration.


I don’t and will not ever create content that does not represent my values, mannerisms, personality or genuine interest and beliefs as I want my presence to be more than just a blog post, a tweet or an Instagram picture however, please do┬átake into consideration the hard work and time that goes into those things also. I do use affiliate links across my blog, for example through the “Shop The Post” sections of my posts which mean I get commission – a percentage of the amount spent on a purchase made that was influenced by my link. Despite this or any other sponsored content that I create, you will always be informed at the top of the post. Being as truly authentic with you as possible is my goal. All collaborations, brand partnerships and sponsored content will consist of my genuine views and will be based on things I truly love enough to share with you and have used myself.