Five Lip Shades That Are A/W Appropriate

One of my favourite areas to focus on within makeup has to be lips. If you don’t already throw on a bold lip and sunglasses on a rushed “no makeup day”, you need to implement it NOW. I can’t tell you how many times it has made me feel just as glam as when I make the effort to do a full face. I also tend to have a small selection of go-tos for both, those kind of days and full face days, so I don’t end up being later than I most probably already would be running. So in this post, I’ve decided to share my little inventory of easy to throw on shades as I also figured they’d look really flattering on a range of skin tones meaning I should be able to give a wide range of you some new lip products to pick up this Autumn/Winter.


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1. The muted pink nude

*Apologies in advance for my funny subheadings but I already know I’m not the only one who struggles to describe lip colours, scents etc. Anyway,

This shade is made up of MAC Lip Pencil in Cork & Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Birthday Suit. I’ve probably worn this lip combo about 70% of the time this year, it is the easiest and most versatile nude lip that I own. As you’d assume, I start off by lining my lips before and a little after I apply the liquid lipstick to create a slight ombre effect. I’ve previously mentioned but will go on to mention again that I like to use a brown or a shade a little darker than the main lip colour I go on to apply so that lighter colours look a lot less harsh up against my skin tone but that’s just my preference. In this lip particularly, I use it to add more of a taupe undertone to the very pink shade as that is what I feel gives it versatility as it looks amazing with a bunch of different makeup looks, lighter or heavier. The liquid lipstick dries matte pretty quickly but does completely desert your lips of moisture which is always a plus in colder weather.  Relating back to the title and the present time, I love a muted pink/nude lip for A/W as during these seasons I tend to wear a lot of warm eye looks and neutral coloured outfits so it’s a perfect fit.


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2. The brownish nude

This shade is made up of MAC Lip Pencil in Cork & NYX Lip Lingerie in Honeymoon. This one I truly love especially during Autumn once I bathe in highlighter and have either a more neutral or heavier brown smokey eye. It’s one of those shades that require a pinch of effort yet gives such a sleek and somewhat sultry result so its definitely a good route to go down when you’re pressed for time. I think this brown would look gorgeous on lighter skin tones as more of a bold lip also and as I’m typing this, I am so picturing it looking lovely with a dangerously sharp winged liner. So I’d class this lip as one you can truly “dress” up or down which again makes it really versatile and easy to throw on with little hesitation. The formula of the NYX Lip Lingerie is very unique to me as it appears more on the matte side however has more of a cream and thicker consistency as opposed to a liquid lipstick making it really pigmented and easy to control whilst applying.


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3. The blush pink

We’re slowly digressing away from nude shades, slowly. This shade is made up of NYX Lip Pencil in Natural & Inglot Matte Lipstick in 405. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the affordable yet still good quality lip pencils (and products in general) that NYX have to offer? The shade Natural provides the perfect amount of mauve undertones in a gorgeous *surprise* nude shade. This was one of the first lip products I owned as part of my collection and has remained a staple of mine for years, with frequent purchases of course – makeup does expire girls. I used to wear it alone on its own over the entirety of my lips as it is perfect for no makeup or minimal makeup days if you want a little more than just plain old colourless lip balm. If you are looking to do even more than that, this lipstick is the closest I have found to the shade of the lip pencil but with an amplified pink undertone so I’d also wear this shade in Spring/Summer as it’s another that would look so good up against a dewy face of makeup.


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4. The glossy pink

This shade is made up of MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Show Me! To be completely honest, I have always preferred mattes over glosses just because prefer the longevity of them and the non-sticky feel which also means my hair doesn’t end up stuck all over my top lip when the wind blows. More recently though, I pulled out this lip gloss that I purchased a few months ago, loved, but didn’t end up using. This gloss is pretty sticky I’m not going to lie however the pigmentation and “Longwear” properties of the gloss is why I can stand on the odd occasion. I like the fact it doesn’t look tacky, the formula is pretty thick but still comfortable on the lips and the colour is a really nice rosy pink but not too pink if you know what I mean. All in all, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this one but as of now, the pros for sure outweigh the cons.


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5. The plum purple/red

This shade is made up of Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner. I ADORE wearing bold lips especially throughout A/W. I think if you’re someone who is a bit hesitant when it comes to experimenting with lip shades other than pink and nude as I am in all fairness, I’d say be brave and go for a red. There are countless numbers of red lips out there and it’s all about trying a few and seeing what kind you feel comfortable with the most. I love a rich, strong red when I want to have more of a statement lip however my favourite would probably be a deep, more burgundy, red. Ironically, the shade I’m introducing to you is either one of these! Nevertheless, I have actually been wearing this particular lip shade a lot recently as it’s a shade I feel isn’t often stumbled across and provides a good amount of “oomph” to a simpler face of makeup. I alternate between pairing this with a matching lipstick and breaking the rules by wearing the lip liner all over my lips. I find that doing so, the less amount of pigmentation due to the fact it isn’t meant to be worn over the lips creates more of a stain than lipstick finish which is really nice ever so slightly lighter option for daytime wear.


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What lip shades do you often wear throughout Autumn/Winter?