Fragrances I Think You’d Love

The act of spraying a gorgeous smelling perfume is something I rarely skip on a day to day basis. A subtle or, if preferred, strong hint of fruit or musk makes me feel that little bit more put together and weirdly enough, empowered as there is really no harm in smelling good and having a lifted spirit whilst you tackle the day ahead. So I feel sharing my faves within the extensive spectrum of fragrances would be a great chance for you to find some new perfumes to keep your eye out for during your next retail therapy session certain to get a few heads turning because be aware, these are some real “head-turning scents” – tried and tested.


Feeling one in a million

This is Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million. This scent surprised me at first as I was expecting a range of overpowering and obnoxious tones that are only fit for special occasions. However once sprayed, you’ll notice straight away that despite the slightly intimidating name, the perfume smells very calming and I’d say, flowery? Not the best at describing scents so please forgive me. What I can easily describe though, is that this is a staple and absolute must-have for your perfume collection as I personally feel, it’s versatility allows it to be wearable throughout the day, I guess more so if you want to make a bit of extra effort but on the other hand, it is such an attractive option for the night and still isn’t “too much”.



What a tease

I mean, you can never go wrong with Victoria’s Secret. This in particular, the Noir Tease Eau de Parfum. I am so in love with the lingerie inspired bottle and atomiser (spraying thingy) and I’m sold by anything with pretty packaging so this is a winner in my books and I’m so confident that it would be in yours too as the outside is just as good as what’s inside. This scent contains the perfect amounts of sweet vanilla and classic floral tones both combined into a mixture of freshness – that was pretty good this time right? I love wearing this one honestly for whatever occasion, any time I want to throw on a floral scent but more on the subtle side as opposed to Lady Million.



Pinky Prada

Prada Candy was my first high end brand of perfume that I’ve picked up and two years later, I am still just as obsessed with it as I was when I first smelt it in Duty Free at Gatwick Airport – I tried to resist taking it to the till but I actually went back not long before my flight just to buy it, it’s that good girls. This is a scent that I use very sparingly as it’s not within the type that I usually go for as it is a lot more musky and I’d refer to it as a more mature smell but it still has very sweet and warm tones in it. I use this perfume for special occasions only as it is quite strong yet not sickly.



Joyful, joyful

Zara’s Joyful Tuberose Eau de Toilette is the least expensive of the bunch however the quality of this choice of scent really is up there. This definitely carries a lighter and very fruity smell and for that reason is one I often gravitate towards picking for wearing during the daytime as it is that typical feminine perfume. This is probably my favourite for right now as it is great for those hot, summer days where you don’t necessarily need something that will linger for the entire day going into the evening nevertheless it still is noticeable and a really good one to just be able to spritz and call it a day, probably the most casual scent I own.



The mists

As a bonus option, if perfumes aren’t really your thing, it is okay. Say hello to my little friends, the fragrance mists from Victoria’s Secret. These have followed me throughout all five years of secondary school and will forever be repurchased because they are amazing for those days where standing there trying to choose a perfume fit for the occasion is just taking way too long, not all of us have that kind of time, trust me I know. Even if you’re just not in the mood to wear a perfume but want that little something that you just can’t put your finger on, here is your answer. Throw them in your bag, suitcase, on your shelf, in your car, wherever, there is such a lovely selection to choose from and whatever you go for, the lasting time and ideal intensity of these mists will not leave you disappointed.


What is your signature scent?

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