How I Add Sass To Street Style

I’d say that my personal style does vary a little from day to day however there are definitely some key components. To give you a short and snappy definition of my personal style as of now, I am very much into sporting statement pieces alongside the rest of my outfit being less prominent. This allows me to draw focus to a particular detail and basically create a foundation, if you will, to build the rest of the outfit on top of. I find this method of outfit building to be a lot easier to put into action because you are creating a starting point so the rest is pretty straight forward. A lot of my outfits can be defined as I suppose, simplistic? A lot of the time involving jumpers or trainers which gives a bit of a sportier feel if that’s what I’m in the mood for but on the other hand, I love my blouses, figure-hugging fits and overall dressier style – heels included. So allow me to go into how I often mix those two styles and ways in which you can too.


Photography: Bethany Sandland


“Black, white, grey and denim blue make up around 3/4 of my wardrobe.”


I will be using the outfit worn in this shoot as a reference because it is the best all-round representation of the clash of sass and street style that I go for personally – all outfit deets will conclude this post. Firstly, let’s discuss colour. Black, white, grey and denim blue make up around 3/4 of my wardrobe. I prefer going for a more chic and polished look within my outfits and I’ve discovered over time that one of the easiest ways to achieve that is by mainly going for either all black, all white or the two combined. I’m certainly not against colour and I could really include some more variation within my wardrobe but I find that clashing too much colour within a single outfit gives more of an urban and eccentric feel as opposed to the more chic style that I prefer. It really all comes down to your personal style and preference. A lot of the time though, I will go for all black like in the outfit shown because 1. I have a million and one black items to wear together, 2. It creates a luxurious and more expensive look, 3. Black looks good throughout the entire year so if you’re one for following trends, you’re safe and 4. Coffee stains? Unnoticeable – very important for those morning dashes to get your seasonal Starbucks. In terms of black in relation to sass and street style, it can be styled on either side of the spectrum; casual or dressy and works so well either way hence why black will always be seen on runways in some form and within both sportswear and couture.



Hoodies. In my case, they’re perfect for those chilly mornings on my way to colly, I’m sure I’m not the only one who lives in them in and around the house and even better, want a quick model-off-duty vibe? Look no further. Going back to my intro, hoodies are a prime example of a statement piece that I would build my outfit around as I did in this outfit. There are so many wild and unique options to go for and if you want a large variety, the mens section is EVERYTHING, this is actually a mens hoodie! I really love the look of an oversized fit in hoodies as it’s a whole lot more cozy and creates an effortless feel which can be carried on through the rest of your outfit, *enter jeans and Vans*, or you could really get playful with styling here as I did a little. As mentioned, my style is more on the simplistic yet chic side so I tried to demonstrate that in my complimentary pieces by wearing my Topshop Joni jeans –  simplistic side then I went for sleek accessories to dress up the hoodie and add that little bit of sass. See where I’m going with this?

Shop the jeans and hoodie

Utilising accessories really are the easiest way to add a little something to any outfit and make it seem as though you’ve thought your outfit through a whole lot more than your 6am alarm may have allowed you to. Gold accents such as buckles, zips or even jewellery has always been something I go for, a lot of the time over silver options. Whether or not you go for silver or gold though, any metallic detailing instantly adds a more high end and glamorous feel, whether or not you rinsed your bank account in the process! So I went for a black leather bag specifically as anything leather creates a similar more luxury look in my opinion (this bag was ridiculously affordable by the way), my go-to pair of heeled boots this season and a matching gold-frame pair of aviator sunnies. An outfit along the lines of this one is so easily edited too, not a heels kinda girl? Throw on your trainers or slides for that busy day of running errands or if you’re airport bound! Simple, affordable, sassy – used for the millionth time.


Hoodie – Stussy (here)

Jeans – Topshop (here)

Boots – Public Desire (here)

Bag – Unknown, sorry! (similar here)

Sunglasses – bought on holiday in Jamaica but any gold-frame aviators will do! (similar Ray-Bans here)

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I really hope you enjoyed my take on combining two different kinds of styles, how would you define your personal style?