How I Conceal And Create My Everyday Autumn Eye

A couple of weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to up my makeup game. I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously on here but I do tend to keep my makeup more on the simple, everyday side. However, after following some amazing MUAs, YouTubers and bloggers over the years, I’ve finally decided that I want to have a little play about myself. It might also come as a surprise to you that I don’t actually own a TON of makeup – which in a perfect world would be the complete opposite – but believe me, I’m aiming to change that REAL quick. I mean, life’s too short not to to buy an unnecessary amount of makeup, let a girl live.  So I have kickstarted my journey towards growing my makeup collection by getting my hands on two products which have literally made my under-eyes more highlighted, creaseless and long-lasting than ever before. After this little change up,  I was very much inspired to create an easy and quick sultry, brown eye look so that if you’re like me and aren’t necessarily at the cut-crease level of eye makeup yet, you can whip this up in a few minutes and feel a few steps closer.


How I Conceal

So the star of the show in my under eye routine goes to the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer. Yes, it’s worth the hype, yes, the applicator is probably a quarter the size of my head (exaggeration of the year) but the finish and long-lasting qualities in my opinion is what makes this concealer a game-changer. After two weeks of using the Shape Tape everyday, I can confidently say it’s the best concealer I’ve used. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit caught off guard by the shade once I actually received it as it was a little lighter than I expected and testing it out with bedroom lighting at 8pm didn’t help. Nevertheless, I was determined to make it work for my skin tone and alongside the rest of my makeup as I was not about to have it sit and collect dust after hearing so many good things about it. So I gave it another go the next morning before college which was a bit of a risk as I could’ve either looked bright and awake for college or as if I was experimenting with halloween looks to showcase on the Underground. Thankfully, the first possibility became the case.


It is definitely high-coverage and worthy of covering minimum hours of sleep or any discolouration. For that reason, a little bit goes an extremely long way especially in my case of the shade I chose appearing darker online that in person so keep that in mind if purchasing via the Tarte website. I also have found that it spreads evenly and beautifully however I do have to take the time to really ensure it’s blended in completely to get that finish and  reduce the chance of a cakey, heavier feel. I use a dampened Beautyblender to do so.



How I Set My Concealer


It was about time a switched up the powder I used to set my concealer as I just wasn’t achieving the look I desired. For ages and ages I had my eye on the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder as again, I heard many great things but for whatever reason, never got around to getting my hands on it. I then a lot more recently began to see the RCMA No-Color Powder pop up more often on social media and was very much intrigued as it claimed and appeared to be a cheaper yet just as good alternative to the Laura Mercier powder. I wish I tried it sooner. The actual formula of the powder is so finely milled so it is so lightweight and doesn’t make your under eyes feel about 10lbs heavier than they once were. Of course the main benefit that this powder provides is its “no-color”. I was really curious to see what the outcome would be on me personally as I was afraid it would give me a bit of a white cast which as mentioned before, wouldn’t be ideal alongside my minor concealer issue. At first, as this was my first time testing a loose and translucent powder, I baked with it and did find it left me looking slightly ghostly but as I’ve become more familiar, I’ve discovered you really have to work to buff in and simultaneously buff away the powder to create an airbrushed finish. Once I realised this, I had no issues.

I’ve never tried a powder that literally gives me little to no creasing and again due to the tiny particles of the powder itself, it leaves your under eyes feeling and looking SO SMOOTH. I only use it in the centre area of my face as I find it brightens as well as sets my concealer so I use a skin-toned powder for the rest of my face over my foundation. I am so happy I gave it a go and I’d so recommend you do too if you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable translucent powder. The only, if you will, downfall about this powder is that it is somewhat messy to use. More so in terms of getting on your clothes and surface you sit and do your makeup at so I throw a towel over my clothes whilst using it to bake and just wipe away and clean my surface afterwards. To apply the powder, I re-dampen (if necessary) the same Beautyblender I used to apply my concealer and dip it into the lid of the powder where I emptied a bit out ready to apply. I leave the powder to bake whilst proceeding to contour and set that before patting in and dusting away the RCMA powder with my buffing brush from the Real Techniques Core Collection. I find patting in the powder and not only dusting it away further reduces the chance of creasing.



How I Create My Everyday Autumn Eye


Step 1: I’ll prime my eyes with MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NC45 as it is of course long-lasting, doesn’t crease and it a very close match to my skin tone as conceals any darkness in order to allow my shadows to show up as true to colour as possible.

Step 2: I’ll then go on to blend the concealer in with my Beautyblender before then using it to set with my RCMA powder by patting it and dusting it away with a fluffier powder brush.

Step 3: I start off the look by using a medium-sized blending brush to sweep the shade Cayenne from the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette in my crease. This shade is a really nice brown shade with a hint of burgundy, my favourite shades for the Autumn season. I build up the product by applying small amounts each time to best achieve a diffused, soft and sultry effect on the eyes.

Step 4: I then use a flat shader brush to pat the shade He Devil onto my lid. I again really build this shade up to intensify the look as the warm tones really make my brown eyes and any eye colour pop. He Devil is very similar to Cayenne yet slightly more on the burgundy side which therefore adds a hint of colour whilst still remaining wearable for the daytime.

Step 5: I then go back with the previous blending brush I first used to again add a little more Cayenne into the crease and where the edge of the shade He Devil on my lid finishes in order to blend the two shades together and make the look seamless.

Step 6: For my lower lash line, I use a pencil brush to first apply Cayenne and then He Devil over the top to tie the eye shadow together and make it appear more sultry.

Step 7: Finally, as for lashes, I tend to use any mascara I gravitate towards on the day, my fave of the moment has been the Benefit They’re Real mascara. I don’t typically apply falsies on a daily basis but in the photo below I applied Feline Lashes in the style Savannah which are only the second pair of false lashes I’ve tried and have madly fallen in love with.


What is your favourite concealer, powder and if so, go-to eyeshadow look of the moment?

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