How To Achieve Smooth, Poreless And Glowing Skin

Aren’t those just your skin goals in general? Because I know they are for me, which is why I have always been a dewy kind of girl as opposed to the matte option when it comes to skin finishes. My skin type is normal to oily so some may believe that I have it slightly easier when finding products that work on my skin well however the fact that my t-zone may end up on the oily side occasionally means that not looking like a greasy mess is still something I take into consideration. Nevertheless, the three products I use to give me the results as stated in the title of this blog post still work well for me regardless of how my skin is doing which is really helpful to those with a mixture of skin types or more normal skin types like myself. I like to achieve “that glow” all year round so these are the vital steps that I have always implemented into my makeup routine to best prepare for the rest of my makeup or even on no-makeup days where I want that glow from within.


Step 1: Achieving smooth skin

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to moisturise your skin whether or not you are going to be wearing makeup and also whether or not you have oily skin, yep there are a load of oil-free moisturisers out there waiting for you. This step will ensure that your skin remains healthy, soft, youthful and naturally luminous and if you are a makeup wearer, it will provide the most smooth finish for the most important foundation within makeup, your skin! The type of moisturiser you go for really does depend on your skin type however here are a few things to keep in mind when finding a moisturiser:

1. Try and find one with SPF in it, if you are not allergic to it of course, and only if you are doing your makeup for daytime wear. This is because using makeup products with SPF in them for evening or night-time makeup looks will result in flashback if you are going to be taking pictures using flash – very useful tip to remember, believe me I’ve been there and it is not pretty looking back.

2. As I mentioned above, if you have oily skin, find a moisturiser that is oil-free and it’ll definitely reduce the chances of more oil being produced than you are already trying to control. It is still just as important for people with oily skin to apply a moisturiser because skipping this skip will cause your face to recognise that is it lacking moisture and in response will produce more oil to try and solve this issue, which is the complete opposite of what you would be aiming for.

3. If you have dry skin, try a find a moisturiser that is on the heavier/richer side as your skin really will thank you for it. You could also look into facial oils, serums or even sprays if you want an extra boost of moisture.

I use the Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser as it does all that I need it to by it being lightwight yet still moisturising enough to make the skin nice and soft – perfect for all year round and there is a rich version for drier skin types. It has SPF 15 in it – perfect for daytime wear and added benefits such as multi-vitamins, no artificial perfume or colour and on top of that, no harsh chemicals – perfect for all skin types.



Step 2: Achieving poreless skin

This oldie but goodie is the one primer that I can’t help but continue to go back to, it is so (x100) good. To be completely honest, I don’t suffer with crazy pores but even if you do and you haven’t tried this, get it like now. Regardless of the size of your pores, it instantly fills in any bumps and smooths the surface of your skin over so effortlessly and makes your foundation and concealer go on so much nicer and I feel it makes the rest of your makeup blend over the skin more seamlessly. You could even use this if you aren’t wearing makeup. I’d recommend rubbing it in between your fingertips first before applying as I find that it comes out in quite a thick consistency and so warming it up in your hands before smoothing it over the skin allows it to be a lot easier to spread. If you are of a darker complexion than the beige colour it is straight out of the tube, don’t be alarmed, once warmed up and applied, it appears colourless.



Step 3: Achieving glowing skin


If you have ordered online from MAC recently, you may recognise this little travel size version and it is safe to say that I will 100% be purchasing the full size version of MAC’s Strobe Cream because the glow I have been getting from this product is like nothing else I’ve tried. It does have some form of tiny glittery/shimmery particles in it but it doesn’t look artificial, harsh or ridiculous on the face as it is lightweight, very moisturising and easily absorbed. It really does provide a natural looking luminosity to the skin as if you’ve been getting in your full eight ounces of water a day and is easily mixed into your moisturiser which is how I apply it. It also looks amazing on all skin tones as there are no flesh coloured undertones so it is entirely universal and ticks all the boxes really. Another great thing about this is that a little goes a long way, I use a pea sized amount and find that it is more than enough to give me the glow I desire.



So those are the steps that I complete in order to best prepare my skin whether or not I am wearing makeup as all of these products work so well in conjunction with each other to provide healthy-looking, supple and beautifully glowing skin.

What products do you use to prep your skin before makeup?

The Simple moisturiser linked below is the one without SPF however the one I use with SPF in it is also easily found online or in store to purchase.

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