My Current Beauty Regime And How It Will Be Changing

Sorry if you’re sick and tired of hearing people going on and on but I can’t help it; Autumn is literally right around the corner. As far as I’m concerned, bring on the heavy knits and dark lips! I really do love summer probably the most out of all the seasons however Autumn definately comes in close second. I really like the process of transitioning my style and makeup as well as skincare in order to suit the changing seasons so I thought I’d just share some of the ways in which I will be making switching things up in terms of makeup and skincare specifically as well as where I’m at as of now.


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Shockingly I guess, I had never purchased a foundation for myself before literally, yesterday! I went for the L’Oreal True Match foundation as I feel I managed to find my absolute perfect shade – 8.C Nut Brown, if anyone was wondering. One of the major things that put me off trying out foundation was the risk of getting my shade entirely wrong and looking ridiculous however this particular foundation, after wearing it twice now in order to give you a bit of a first impressions review, has gently opened the doors for me. I love how lightweight the formula is, especially due to the fact that I hadn’t worn foundation beforehand so I was used to not feeling like I had a whole load of product all over my face. Another thing I enjoy about this particular foundation is how easy it blends into the skin, I use a damp Beautyblender to do so. It gives my face a really nice flawless finish however still doesn’t appear cakey or too heavy, my skin is able to breathe you know? So the, more basic, step itself of applying foundation is something that hasn’t exactly changed but instead has become a part of my makeup routine!



I assume that a lot of people have already made or will be making this change very soon, sporting a dark/statement lip. I really love the appearance of flawless and dewy face makeup with a complimentary bold lip as it really spices things up a bit in the simplest and most time-efficient way. Some of my go-to shades for A/W tend to be burgundy, red, mauve and of course any kind of nude colour. I have an entire post on My Steps Towards Creating The Perfect Lip in which I talk about the importance of using a lip liner but I believe it’s extremely important for darker lip shades so keep that in mind. Anyway, I’d definitely like to venture out more within the shades I mentioned – more so the ones other than nude – as I love those kind of colours and don’t wear them enough so I’ll for sure be on the hunt.



 As of recently, I have really been loving to play around with my eye makeup and have generally been creating actual looks instead of throwing a bit of my contour powder into my crease to add a quick bit of definition. I have utilised my Urban Decay Naked Heat palette A LOT to create some fall inspired looks as the collection of warm tone shadows are a perfect fit for the upcoming season and great for everyday use. I recently posted a quick and easy eye look with matching lips on my Instagram if you’d like to get a feel for the kind of looks I have been gravitating towards at the moment. I will definitely be continuing my experimentation within eye makeup including wearing false eyelashes every now and again. My current favourites have been the Ardell Demi Wispies as they aren’t too dramatic but still provide a nice amount of depth and accentuation to my eyes. Throughout the final third of the year, I’d like to continue pretty much stepping outside of my comfort zone and just getting a feel for different shades and finishes on my lids.

In terms of skincare, my current routine is VERY SIMPLE. Like it literally consists of around four products, nothing fancy, just the necessities. Honestly though, my skin has been really good lately (let’s not jinx that now Jada) and so the simplicity of my current routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Thankfully I’ve never suffered with acne or troubled skin in pretty much any way other than the odd hormonal spot or occasional breakout; I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t let’s be honest. At this point though, I really would like to add find some products that don’t just do the bare minimum but instead make an addition, preferably by adding more of a glow and luminosity to my skin. I want to go on to incorporate some hydrating masks and oils into my skincare routine as here in London, the weather is bound to be cold as anything meaning everyone’s skin will tend to be on the drier side on some scale. All in all, I will be looking to really care for my skin and treat it better than I have been so far as it affects the finish of your makeup and skincare is actually a whole lot more important than makeup itself if you ask me.


Will your makeup and skincare routines change up a bit as Autumn/Winter approaches?

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