My Everyday Outfit Planning For College

Whilst being able to enjoy my summer after a whole load of stress caused by my last year at secondary school, I will slowly be mentally and physically preparing myself for my new and upcoming experience at college starting in September. It’s something I often think about in both an excited and anxious way – anxious because it’ll be within a whole new area meaning a whole new beginning within a building of a whole new group of people, excited because, well change is exciting! And I finally get to study what I have always wanted to focus on, fashion. For me, one of the especially exciting factors of this new chapter in my life is finally being able to dress the way I want without having to wear a uniform, oh how I’ve patiently waited for this moment. So I will go on to share some key elements of my signature style and how I will be looking to incorporate those elements into my outfit choices for college.


In order to summarise my current style at the minute into a very condensed down blog post, I thought I’d share my most worn outfit which will most likely be worn time and time again from September onwards. It has consisted of a pair of high waisted jeans like my trusty Joni pair from Topshop, and any basic t-shirt tied into a little knot secured with a hidden elastic band, the one above is also from Topshop but I love my ones from ASOS too! This combination is so casual yet the knot adds a really cute little bit of detail and is very flattering. The casual nature of this outfit I feel would be perfect for college as, for me anyway, it’s so comfortable to wear and easy to put together, yet it still looks as though I’ve put in a bit of effort and haven’t just rolled out of bed (which I’m sure will be tempting as the months go on). Basic tees will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe that I wish to grow as you can never have too many and they can be dressed up or down so no doubt they’ll commonly be reached for on college days. I also want to get my hands on a few band tees as I love the edgy alternative they bring to otherwise choosing a plain white t-shirt for instance.



My favourite colour to wear recently has been grey. It is such a relaxed and easy shade to style yet it’s a nice change from your typical black or white go-to piece but don’t get me wrong, I still love my monochromatic outfits. I just like the fact that grey isn’t really suited to any particular season so it can be worn whenever just like black or white, yet it can still be styled in a casual chic manner. I also think that it pairs beautifully with silver accessories as they are both cooler shades and again, fit into that casual chic bracket that is a massive part of my style. So in these shots and similar to most recent days, I went for a silver pair of mirrored sunglasses that I have been loving at the moment. I have really enjoyed wearing sunglasses and have found so many pairs that I really would love to purchase so it’s slowly becoming an obsession I think.



Ah, slides. They’re still around and making their mark and if you don’t own a pair, that rock you’re under must be real difficult to crawl out from. I haven’t gone crazy on owning loads of different variations just because I honestly don’t wear mine all that often, however they are great for those hot and sticky days where being able to let your feet breathe is ideal. I think they are also the publicly acceptable version of going out in house slippers so, I’m down. Not necessarily on my way to my college but maybe whilst working within the building, I can see myself pulling them out of my bag and slipping them on as they are the most comfortable things and I can already tell that comfort is going to be key whilst putting outfits together for college.



So that is the best way I could sum up how I can see myself typically dressing for college based off my current style, I’d like to do a more in depth coverage on my personal style in the future because that was a very small snippet however as for college, the bits I’ve mentioned will no doubt be used within many of my outfits post September.

What kinds of colours and/or pieces do you like to wear if you’re going for a more casual style?


The sunglasses, slides and t-shirt linked below are similar to what I am wearing in the above photos as I could not find the exact same products.

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