My Key Fashion Piece For Transitioning Into Autumn

So here are we in mid August and quickly approaching the colder months, seriously where has this year gone? In all honesty we haven’t had the longest “Summer” ever and I can’t recall the last time I got out a pair of denim shorts but maybe it’s time to put those away for next year. For now, I have been on a search for some pieces to help you and I transition into the next and possibly my second favourite season after Summer, Autumn. Personally, I think the key to finding transitional pieces is to be able to figure out whether or not the items can be layered as September in particular seems to be a funny mix of hot and cold weather. Being able to layer up or remove layers is really useful during this period and especially if you live in London because there could literally be blue skies in the morning and a storm in the evening. So finding staples that are able to be worn time and time again with multiple different outfits to create different moods and feels is what I suggest keeping in mind.


Photography: Bethany Sandland

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A regular day in and around Oxford Circus became the day I got my hands on my first “colder months” item. I have been obsessing over this denim jacket on my Instagram especially and have been dying to share it with you all. I don’t think it’s possible for me to walk out of Topshop empty handed and on this day, I proved that theory right yet again. The quality of this jacket in comparison with the affordability of it is unreal. The denim has a really nice thick and sturdy feel, perfect for those days that are a bit breezier than you imagined as well as a really nice piece to layer over the top of a more basic outfit. Most of time, I tend to dress in a more casual style however I love adding statement pieces such as a jacket, a pair of shoes or a bag to just bring the look full circle, this is one of those statement pieces. I love that it is oversized so it creates an effortless and off-duty kind of look, it’s really comfortable to wear and easily styled – perfect in my case for college coming up – and also, despite the thickness of the fabric, I find that I still remain cool and not suffocated by the heavy weight of the denim which is a bonus. I think it is the perfect example of the classic denim jacket that is becoming a really widespread trend at the moment and is honestly a trend I wasn’t so fond of in the beginning but honestly is becoming one of my most treasured.



There are so many different ways of styling a denim jacket and that’s what I love most about them, their versatility. There are also many different renditions of a classic let’s say, Levi’s denim jacket, which makes it really fun to experiment with. The one I’ve picked up along with most can be dressed down with your fave pair of jeans, a white tee and a pair of Nikes. This would be your typical, everyday, errand-running style being made to appear as though you’ve put a lot more effort in but with minimum energy required. The same goes for night-life, wearing a really simple dress and heels with a more distressed or even a cropped take on a basic denim jacket worn over the shoulders would add that rough round the edges, street-style feel that is such a gorgeous option if wanting to add a bit of flare and character to a look. I love the idea of mixing soft, free-flowing fabrics with heavier and bulkier fabrics to create a clash of femininity and edge and I find myself being able to do that a lot with this piece so it is perfect for hormonal weather.


What pieces have you found yourself pulling out of your wardrobe more often as we draw closer into Autumn?

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