My Mid-Year Makeup Go-Tos

It has been a while since I have tried any new makeup as the honest truth is that it really had been the least of my priorities during exam period. Thankfully though, as I am now currently on a three month break before starting college in September – I know, bliss – I have so much more time to begin trying out some more products and see what tickles my fancy. So keep your eye out for some upcoming posts on new makeup bits and pieces as being on the hunt for what is out there at the moment will be my goal from now on. For now though, I have decided to share the main products that have pretty much carried me throughout this year so far.


Using my trusty damp Beauty Blender to apply the classic Mac Prolongwear Concealer and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer under my eyes had become the official tag team to save my dark and puffy under eyes which truly suffered throughout my last year at secondary school especially (I don’t think revision allowed me to ever get into bed before 12). I apply the MAC concealer first as my shade has quite an orange undertone meaning it works amazingly at hiding dark circles. I use the shade NC45 which is the closest to my actual skin tone however I like to also brighten my under eyes after covering any darkness. I therefore use the NARS concealer in Caramel which is a bit lighter than my actual skin tone however not enough to make me look ghostly, so it really does highlight the area making my face overall look a little more awake and energised. I’d really recommend both concealers as the MAC one is known for its high coverage however I still wear it every time I wear makeup and I can honestly say it does not feel heavy or look cakey after being blended out well and set with a good powder. I’m sure you’ve heard everyone rave about the NARS concealer and it really is worth the hype as the applicator is so convenient, I find that it truly illuminates my under eyes and a little really does go a long way so you won’t be worried about re-purchasing anytime soon – I’ve had mine for a g e s hence why I desperately need another.



Contouring is a step I will never skip in any makeup routine I do because I love the warmth and definition it brings to my cheekbones and the perimeters of my face. For Christmas last year, I received the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette and I haven’t swayed from it as of yet. All the colours are so creamy and are easily blended once you find a brush that you love. I mix and apply the shades Cinnamon and Chocolate from the Medium palette and use the Sculpting Brush from Real Techniques as the density of the brush head allows me to blend the creams seamlessly.



I briefly mentioned Mac’s Fix+ on my Instagram not long ago as I ordered it again for the millionth time and still am just as in love with it as I first was. After finishing all the steps in my makeup routine, my face tends to look, not cakey but the fact I have applied makeup is easily recognisable, not that it isn’t completely unnoticeable after I use this but beforehand, the separate steps just look almost layered and easily separable in my opinion. That’s where this bad boy steps in. I unnecessarily drown my face in this stuff because it creates the most beautiful and natural looking glow from within once dry, it’s insane. This is again one of those products that have been raved about and I recently heard that the Mario Badescu Facial Spray is an amazing alternative for this so I’ll be sure to give that a go. However, I literally cannot do my makeup without this and wouldn’t recommend you to do yours without some form of setting spray either as it is such a quick and easy step that makes a world of a difference as it instantly smooths the face and gets rid of any harsh lines and cakey finishes.



I have very, very recently began to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade on a day to day basis so I haven’t got as much to say about it as the others. I can tell you though, this is one product which requires practice when applying. I struggled and gave up trying towards the beginning of this year when it came to using this to do my brows as you really do need the littlest amount otherwise you’ll end up with the most harsh and dramatic block brows you’ve ever seen which ended up being my result time and time again until I forced myself to get it right just a little while ago. I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush to first brush my brow hairs with the usefully attached spoolie on one side before using a very light hand to lightly carve out my eyebrow shape then I go on to make little strokes in order to imitate brow hairs, it really does take time. Before this, I used the MAC Eyebrows pencil in Stud which is a lot easier and creates an amazing result like the ABH Pomade. I use the MAC Prolongwear Concealer again to finish up and create the perfect shape.



This is my most loved lip combo of the moment consisting of the MAC Lip Pencil in Cork which I use to obviously line my lips and I also use a bit more of it on my actual lips to create a darker base for the next product being the Sleek Matte Me Lipgloss (I’d call it more of a liquid lipstick) in the shade Birthday Suit. The Sleek Matte Me by itself didn’t go too well with my skin tone as I thought it was slightly too light and looked a bit odd. However, using it on top of the MAC lip pencil gives me the most beautiful muted, nude-ish mauve matte lip that I love to wear on a daily basis especially when I’m not too sure what to go for.

What makeup items do you find yourself reaching for on a regular basis?

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