My Steps Towards Creating The Perfect Lip

Whoever came up with the idea to create this day, what a star they are because now we all have an excuse to bask in all the online deals and offers and add to our 101 nude lipsticks that we already own, I mean no two are the same right? I refuse to believe so. Therefore in honour of National Lipstick Day, I decided to dig through my little collection and find the ones I love the most and also, I’ll be giving you a few little pointers on how to have your lipstick looking top-notch through a little bit of extra prep before application.


Lippie prep!

Most nights after my skincare routine, I try to make it a habit to use one of my holy grails from LUSH, the lip scrubs. My all-time favourite has to be the Bubblegum – erm flavoured? – one as the scent is so sweet and even though I don’t eat it after use (you can if you choose, it’s edible!), it’s just a bit of a nicer option than the saltier Popcorn alternative. I do love using either one though as they manage to leave my lips feeling so soft and plumped but I do recommend straight after using one of these or any lip scrub to slather your lips in your favourite lip balm. Even though my lips are left dead-skin-free, not applying any moisture afterwards can cause them to become really dry and increases the likelihood of your lips becoming chapped which defeats the purpose of using a lip scrub in the first place really. My favourite lip balm has to be Carmex as I find that it lasts the longest on my lips and the tingling sensation it creates is really soothing. This step acts as a bit of a lip mask after exfoliation and even though I’ve just written a whole paragraph on these two steps, they honestly take under 5 minutes in total so doing this in the morning is such an easy step to add. Letting the lip balm sit whilst doing your makeup before getting onto applying lipstick will make the outcome of your chosen lippie for the day a lot more soft and smooth looking.



The first stages

I know lip liners aren’t necessarily lipsticks however I very rarely wear lipstick without one. So I thought it was important to include some in this post as using one makes the biggest difference to the finished product, I’ve never gone back once I first tried it. I think starting off with lining your lips is super important when going for a bold lip like a red for example as it is very much noticeable if you have gone outside of your lips or smudged your lipstick anywhere and something so simple has the potential to stick out like a sore thumb when your winged liner could be looking sharp and your eyeshadow could be looking flawless! Lining your lips just makes everything a lot neater and I use lip liners slightly on my actual lips too so that the liner and lipstick blend a little better. A little tip for those who have a lipstick shade they love but find is a bit too light for their skin tone, use a brown lip-liner if you have darker skin or any liner that is of a shade within the region of the lipstick colour but a bit darker. This will help suit it better to your skin tone and reduce the harshness.



On to my faves…

You may or may not have noticed by now but I am a definitely a pinkish, nude, taupe-y brown kind of person when it comes to lip colours, I can’t not be drawn to the millions of variations out there. So the five lipsticks I chose within my collection that I have used the most frequently and work best for me are all within that colour spectrum. The above ones from Inglot are so gorgeous to me as they are the perfect kind of shades in terms of what I tend to go for but also, I think they’d be widely flattering against any skin tone so these colours are really universal. Another plus is that they can be worn with so many different makeup looks due to their pinkish nude nature so it’s very unlikely that they’d overpower or clash with any other areas of your makeup. The only downside to these matte lipsticks in particular is that they are slightly more on the drier side so can be a bit difficult to work with at times but this issue can easily be fixed with a lip scrub and well-penetrating lip balm to soften and prime the lips beforehand like I explained before in order to help the lipstick glide more easily over your lips.



I recently mentioned this lipstick on my Instagram and how I paired it with my Cork lip pencil from MAC in order to create a really pretty nude lip shade. This is an example of where I feel using a darker shade of a lip liner helps suit this lipstick colour to my skin tone otherwise I think it would appear to be slightly too light and harsh. Using a brown lip liner against this lighter beige toned nude lipstick creates a little bit of an ombre affect with the centre of your lips being a little lighter that the edges. This is again a shade that goes well with a lot of different makeup looks throughout the day or night.



These lipsticks are two I always forget about then go back to and realise how much I really like them. Even though my preference when it comes to lipsticks is matte over glossy, these have a glossy finish and surprisingly, I love them just as much as my mattes. I think what got me the most with these is the formula, they are so¬†moisturising and glide so effortlessly across your lips leaving a really pretty and natural sheen. They have a more sheer finish but the colours are still noticeable and create that “my lips but better” effect that makes them perfect for daytime wear and again, these two shades in particular are easily worn with a variety of looks.

What are your favourite lipsticks and what kind of shades do you love wearing?