Why I’m In Love With Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette

This palette. Not with the intention to sound dramatic but I don’t even know how I’m going to write this post at this point because honestly, if it was acceptable, I’d list “I’m obsessed” repeatedly and call it a day. If you haven’t already read my post on How I Will Be Upping My Makeup Game, then I’d suggest you do if you’re interested in getting a bit of a back story on my current journey towards stepping out of my comfort zone in terms of eye makeup. No exaggeration here, I’ve applied eye shadow on myself a total of about three times, this being around the fourth. So, this being my first step in being a bit more creative with my eyes meant that it would’ve left me with one of two scenarios. 1. I would have been put off entirely and have stuck to my boring “using my contour powder in my crease” routine. Or 2. It would’ve caused me to be so eager to want to buy loads more eyeshadow to experiment with and wonder what the hell I’d been doing all this time. *step forward second option*


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The shade range literally is everything that I’d naturally be drawn to so for me, it will no doubt become a staple for daily wear as well as special occasions because I feel it’s like a clothing item, you can dress (wear) it up or down. Most importantly, warm tones are my thing. So the main thing that drew me to this palette in particular as this is actually my first Naked palette ever, is that it is filled with grungy browns and burgundys, warm shimmers and some really beautiful neutral and nude matte shades so I was instantly sold and made it my mission to get my hands on it.



As I was swatching each shadow, I sounded like a broken record replaying “oh my gosh”, “wowww” and “THAT IS SO PRETTY”. I found that each one was pigmented enough to show up strongly through one or two swipes so thankfully, you won’t have to drive yourself mad trying to get a nice, true to colour application. Right off the bat, the shades I adored were Low Blow because I could see it being a perfect transition colour and He Devil, Cayenne and Dirty Talk because they caused me to form so many gorgeous burnt orange looks in my head; I am even more excited for autumn to arrive now. All four shades were used in the first and second photos during my first ever use of the palette to create a grungy, brown/burgundy smoky eye. I think Ember applied on the lids with Ashes to smoke it out would look incredible and I can’t wait to use Lumbre as the subtle undertones of yellow and green make the shade so unique.



All in all, if you’re still trying to decide on whether or not to purchase the newest addition to the Urban Decay Naked ensemble, I’d say it is so worth it. For someone who has always been intrigued by eye shadow but has never invested time in testing it out, I am a firm believer in the fact that you will get so much use out of this range. If you’re like me and are looking for warm toned mattes as well as shimmers or even if you’re just interested in another palette, go for it. These shadows are really easy to work with and apply, the colours are so well suited to this time of year as the autumn season is approaching and the pigmentation is of such good quality.


Have you tried this palette yet or any of the previous Urban Decay Naked palettes? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, what eyeshadow palettes do you stand by?


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